Me and my adorable little family

 I love watching my son grow. Each and every stage he has gone through has made me feel like that stage is the best! I remember calling my sister on the phone the first time his tiny fist reached up to swat at a toy on his jungly gym. The joy and pride I felt has been unmatched.... until the next amazing moment. These moments are so fleeting, it amazes me how 4 years have passed! I want you to feel special and unique, because you are. My clients constantly tell me that they can't believe that I captured the essence of who their children are. I build not only client-photographer relationships, but lasting friendships with the families that I am documenting as they grow. I am both thrilled and humbled that my clients love me so much that they have voted me the Best Children's Photographer by the Boston A-list two years in a row. I've also been voted the readers choice award by the Boston Parents Paper.  

I will talk with you to see what YOUR eye is drawn to, and we will create lasting images together.