The Baby Plan - 4 sessions, $400 

If there is anything that I whole-heartedly believe in with my business, it is the Baby Plan. You might think it is cliche, but it is incredible how fast babies grow. Your child will never have another year quite like their first, and documenting it will mean that you can look back for years to come to marvel at your little one. The plan includes four photography sessions documenting the most important developmental stages of your little one in their first year.

1. Newborns are photographed between 5 and 13 days of life

We keep the environment in the studio womb-like, with the thermostat high, a heated blanket under your little one at all times, and some white noise playing. I would say this puts 90% of newborns AND their parents to sleep during their newborn photography session. We have a large couch and a very cool bed to lounge around in, as well as plenty of snacks and drinks. 


2. Holding their head up and smiling

This is the session where we capture the family portrait. It is amazing how much they have developed in just 3 to 5 months. During this developmental stage, your little baby will have bonded with you so much that they won't want to leave your arms. I take advantage of this and ask both mom and dad to come in to capture the most adorable family portrait. 

3. Sitting up confidently

I love these adorable little chunky babies; they are developing their personalities, giggling, and just plain enjoying life! This is the stage where we capture those classic and clean baby photographs on the white or grey background. We can have some fun in a tub with ducks, or if we are lucky, get to play in the grass outside!

4. Standing Confidently or 1 Year of Age

It is up to you whether you want to capture the 1st year milestone, or wait until the most significant milestone in your baby's life- the fact that they can stand on their own and can possibly walk!