Its about time I start a blog, I've been saying I would for years now. I kept thinking, what would I write about? Who wants to read it? But I get it now. I have a family of my own, my clients have new families as well. We are all in a club together! Our lives should be shared, because this is what we are all going through. 

So, I think I will begin with the most important men in my life.


My hubby

Tristan 4

Okay, the cat is not as important as the humans, but he thinks that he is! When Tristan was learning to use the toilette, he was so stressed out about finishing fast because Neko might flush it before he did... yes, our cat taught himself to flush the can! 

He also eats our clothing. Now a dog will chew on shoes, and possibly the odd sock. A pile of the remnants will be left around, just so you can see how thoroughly they worked. Not our cat. Neko will actually ingest anything he selects for a meal. Plastic is his preference but Tristan's pyjamas are a close second. I try to look at the positive side to every situation, and the positive here is that we have learned to pick up after ourselves. Poor Neko is not allowed in any of the bedrooms for fear that he will nibble on some sheets, but that is just the price he has to pay. 

Don't you dare tell Neko he is bad, Tristan will certainly reprimand you if those words sneak out of your mouth. "Neko is NAUGHTY, not bad". Which is true, we all love him. He is the best at snuggling and he plays chase and fetch with Tristan, which makes him very loved in my books.


Neko (means 'cat' in Japanese)