Springtime! Newborn baby boy.

Spring is my favourite season! I think everyone in my family gets a little tired of me exclaiming each time when a new flower has poked its head through the ground. I get giddy not just for the flowers and the leaves on the trees, but also because I can take the adorable new babies outside! 

I was very honoured that his parents felt so comfortable with me that they brought him to me the first day back from the hospital. He was just 5 days new and ridiculously gorgeous. We started out indoors, his parents got a well-deserved break and the little guy did so well. We couldn't get over how alert he was... and also how he insisted on keeping his fingers all tightened up. 

After he started to wake up a bit, mom gave him a bottle and dad tried to rock him to sleep. Even though he was just five days old, he would not go back to slumbering. We decided to take him outside and find some adorable places in the shade. That did the trick, he completely fell asleep and was adorable everywhere.